Help with returns and instructions returning your order.

Return Instructions
Generate return form
Please note:

All return requests for defective, incorrect, or damaged items require prior approval. Please see Warranty Information for details.

A new return authorization form must be submitted for each item being returned. This ensures the returns department receives the request and processes the return correctly and also provides any additional information as well as specific instructions on how to return your particular order.

Start your return by generating a new return authorization form directly online from the online invoice page as shown in the example below.


Step-by-step instructions:


Click the RETURN button on your online receipt to access the return form.

  • The online receipt page may be found in your account order history, the Order Status section, or in the confirmation email sent when placing the order. Only shipped orders qualify for returns.

Select the item being returned.

  • Select the item, quantity, reason, and how you would like us to process the return.
  • If lenses were ordered, please ensure also to provide the return instructions for the lenses separately or select the "Concerning frames only" option.
  • To proceed to the form, ensure all required fields are populated, including the additional comments box.
  • Generate a separate return form for each item/quantity being returned. They can still be shipped together in the same box.
  • Review the Returns notice section provided in case any additional steps or information is necessary.

Print your return form.

  • No printer? No worries. Just include the order number in your return address (ATTN section) or written somewhere inside/outside on the box.
  • Once submitted, the return form will include your return instructions as well as the return address for your return. Follow the instructions on the return form to send back your return.
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Package your return
Do not use an envelope

Please ensure that the merchandise is packed inside a cardboard box to avoid damage to the merchandise while in transit.

Please include the original packaging, demo lenses, and authenticity cards to ensure the return is accepted and the item can be resold. Since the return merchandise is fragile, it should always be packaged securely and safely inside a cardboard box. The original shipping box in which the product was shipped may be used for the return if it is still usable. Otherwise, a new cardboard box may be used. Do not use an envelope, as the merchandise may become damaged in transit. 
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Ship your return
International returns

Please mark your shipment as "Return with no value" on the customs form to ensure delivery.

The return address will be provided once a return form has been generated. Please ensure the merchandise is packed securely, and proceed to ship your return using the shipping courier of your choice (USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL). It is suggested that tracking service and insurance are purchased with the shipment in case the merchandise becomes lost in transit since we are not responsible for merchandise we do not receive. Weekend delivery is unavailable at this time.
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Prepaid shipping label
US customers only

Prepaid shipping labels are only available to US customers at this time.

U.S.P.S. (first-class) pre-paid return shipping labels may be requested via email once a return form has been generated for your return request. The cost for a pre-paid shipping label is $9.95 but may vary depending on the number of items being returned. The charge for the label will be applied to the same invoice or will be deducted from your return credit balance or refund. Return labels are manually generated by the shipping department at this time and may take up to one business day to process the request. A copy of the return shipping label is provided via email and must be used within 14 days before it expires. Although return labels may be canceled, expired labels are non-refundable.

Request a prepaid shipping label
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Return Status
Tracking your return
Returns to our Delaware office

Please kindly allow an extra 1-2 week delay for the return to be forwarded to the returns processing facility.

If a tracking service was purchased with the returned shipment, it may be tracked online using the shipping courier website. If the return has been delivered to our office, please allow up to 1-2 weeks for the return to begin processing. The customer must consult the shipping company for status details if the return has not yet been delivered to our office.

Once the return is processed, it will be manually reviewed and inspected. A notification will be sent to the customer once it has been processed, including all the details and any additional invoices generated for the request.

New orders and exchanges generated will have different order numbers assigned that are trackable separately.

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Exchange status
A new order number is generated for exchange orders and may be viewed/tracked like a new order. The new exchange order invoice will show applicable credits from your returned merchandise. When submitting a return form, the customer can select how they would like the exchange to be processed from one of the options shown below.

Place the exchange order for me:
  • Our staff will generate the new order based on the instructions from the customer using the same information on file.
  • The customer will provide the exchange items and instructions in the Comments section of the return form.
  • A notification email will be sent to the customer with the details once the new order has been generated by the staff.
I will place my order later:
  • An email will be sent once the return is accepted and the credit is ready to use so the customer can place their new order online.
  • The customer requests to apply existing credits to the new order in the Comments section of the order or by contacting support via email or through the support section to apply the credits once the new order is placed.
I will place my order now:
  • Not available for lens exchanges since all lenses must be returned before being exchanged at this time to avoid paying the total price for the lenses.
  • The customer places the new exchange order before the return is processed. 
  • The customer will receive a full refund once the return is processed.
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Refund status
Track the status of your refund once the returns department has generated a refund invoice.
  • A notification email is sent to the customer once the refund invoice is generated. A copy may also be found in the customer's order history.
  • A refund invoice has its unique order reference number (starting with "CR-") and may be tracked like any other order. 
  • Pending refunds may take up to 3 business days to finalize.
  • Refunds are issued to the same payment on file in the order, which is also reflected on the refund invoice.
  • Once the refund is issued, the invoice status will be marked as finalized.
As with all refunds, please allow up to 7 business days from the day it is issued for the refund transaction to be posted to the bank statement.
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Returned to sender

If a package has been returned to the sender, it may be due to an incorrect address or the recipient being unavailable to sign for the package. In most cases, the shipping company will provide a specific reason on the tracking page. Once the returned "Returned to Sender" package has been delivered to the company, please allow 1-2 weeks for processing and reshipment. A notification email will be sent once the returned to sender shipment is processed by the order department and the order is placed on hold until further instruction is provided by the customer.


A new order support ticket may be created online to request a reshipment of an order. Please see the Request Order Assistance section for details. Prior to requesting a reshipment, it is recommended to first verify the shipping address on file and that someone will be available at the address to sign for the delivery. Additional fees may be charged for reshipping an order.

  • Domestic USA: Re-shipped at no extra charge one time only via the standard shipping method. Further reshipments are billed at full cost.
  • International: Re-shipped at 50% charge of the original shipping fee one time only. Further reshipments are billed at full cost.
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Holds & refusals
Upon inspecting your return, it may be that the returned merchandise is not eligible for return, or the request is unclear and requires further instructions from the customer. Should this be the case, the customer will be notified via email once the returns department has reviewed the return request.

Refused returns are returned to the customer in the same condition as returned to the same shipping address on file in the order.  The specific reason will be emailed to the customer should the return be refused.
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Cancel or modify return

Return changes & modifications

Make changes with a return directly online by simply submitting a new return request online as explained in the Return Instructions. A new return authorization form may be generated at any time before the return is processed as the most recent request submitted will be processed, even if the return has already been shipped and delivered but has not yet been processed.


Return cancellations

Generated return authorizations do not need to be canceled if they have not been shipped. Return authorization requests are ignored until the returns department receives the merchandise. If a return that has already been sent needs to be canceled, request further return assistance as explained below.


Further Return Assistance

Further assistance for a returned order may be requested through the original order (number). Please see the Request Order Assistance section for details on creating a new support ticket online.

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Return Policy
Return policy

We offer flexible and convenient return options and policies to support most return types. Return time-frames may vary based on the return types below.

Type Days Description Policy
Refund 30 Qualifying items may be returned for a refund to the same payment method on file. Certain rules and exceptions apply, see policy for details. Return Policy
Exchange 30 Qualifying items may be returned for an exchange for another item or store credit towards a future order. Certain rules and exceptions apply, see policy for details. Return Policy
Try-on (Exchange) 30 Order multiple frame styles to try on at home before adding lenses. Return the frames to have lenses made for the approved styles while receiving a credit on the rejected styles towards the lenses. A return for an exchange may be selected for home try-on requests. Certain rules and exceptions apply, see policy for details. Return Policy
Lens Accuracy Guarantee (Warranty) 60 Prescription lens orders are covered against changes in the prescription by the doctor. Lenses in the new prescription are made at no extra cost aside from the processing fee. Certain rules and exchanges apply, see policy for details. Lens Accuracy Guarantee
Warranty 365 Defective merchandise is covered under warranty for repair or replacement at no extra cost aside from the processing fee. Certain rules and exchanges apply, see policy for details. Warranty Policy
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Return conditions
Returns may not be accepted if they do not satisfy the return conditions.
  • Merchandise must be returned within the time period advertised based on the return type. See Return Policy
  • Merchandise condition must be brand new re-sellable condition.
    • Without damage or breakage
    • Without signs of use, wear, and fingerprints
    • Without non-reversible alterations
  • All originally included package contents must be returned.
    • Authenticity papers, cards, and tags
    • Demo lenses & patterns
    • Case & Box
    • Cleaning cloth
    • Any included tools or other contents
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Final sale items
Final sale items are non-returnable, non-refundable, and cannot be canceled. Final sale items will be noted in the product description, in the Returns Policy, or in rare special order circumstances, a product may become final sale after you place your order due to it being a special order - you will be asked to confirm before processing of the order.
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Deadline extensions

If a customer returns the merchandise past the return deadline (which is usually 30 days from the delivery day, see returns policy for details), then it will be refused and returned to the customer.

In certain situations, we are able to extend the return period at an additional cost, which may vary based on the items being returned. Please contact the order support department regarding requests involving deadline extensions for your particular return.

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Go-Optic® warranty
Before you continue

Please review the Troubleshooting section for information about common issues.

The Go-Optic® warranty is handled directly through the returns department. Review the following information to help understand the warranty service. Certain rules and exceptions may apply. Please see the complete Warranty Policy for details.

  • What is covered:

    Go-Optic warrants that all new products are free from defects in manufacturing, materials, and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. All new prescription lenses are warranted to be accurate to the correct prescription for 60 days. Please see the Lens Accuracy Guarantee for details.

  • What is not covered:

    The warranty does not cover defects or malfunction caused by misuse, abuse or improper maintenance, failure to follow operating instructions or use with equipment with which it is not intended to be used. Cosmetic or incidental damages, breakage, alteration, or standard wear and tear are not considered defective and are not covered under warranty.

  • What we will do:

    We will, at our discretion, repair or replace any product that proves to be defective in material or workmanship during the warranty period. If your product is no longer being manufactured or is out of stock, we may replace your product with a comparable or improved product at our option. If you return a defective product within the first 30 days of purchase, you will receive a new replacement unit. Replacement units sent to replace products returned after the first 30 days from the date of purchase may be refurbished units of similar cosmetic wear.

  • What we will not do:

    We will not pay for shipping, insurance, or transportation charges from you to us, or any import fees, duties, and taxes.

  • How to obtain the warranty service:

    All warranty requests may be handled through the standard return procedure by following the Return Instructions and selecting "Warranty" as the return type.

    Send photos of the defective product for prior approval. Prior email approval is recommended to receive faster service and avoid incurring any irrecoverable and unnecessary (shipping) fees for an unapproved request. The following email support form may be used to attach and send photos of the defective product to the returns department for review.

      Email Support Form
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Lens warranty
The one-time lens remake warranty may only be available on specific lens options selected in the order for a $25 additional fee. 

Cracks or chips
All lens cracks or chipping are covered under the lens warranty on all Polycarbonate or Trivex material lenses only.

Scratches or coating issues
Lens scratches or coating issues are covered under the lens warranty only when Anti-Glare coating has been added to the lens.

Incorrect lenses
If the lenses are made incorrectly, they will be remade at no extra cost to the customer. This is not the same as our Lens accuracy guarantee, which involves a change in the prescription or measurements.

For complete details about our, please see the Lens warranty policy.
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Manufacturer warranty
The Go-Optic warranty does not extend to the manufacturer warranty. Any extended manufacturer warranties must be handled directly through the manufacturer. The manufacturer may be contacted for further assistance about any extended warranty offers and services.
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