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Wood Look by Gold & Wood Eyeglasses

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About Wood Look by Gold & Wood

WOOD LOOK or the renaissance of a brand! In 1980, the first spectacles manufactured from wood enjoyed considerable success. Their light weight, “feel” and design appealed to celebrities in the worlds of showbusiness and the arts. In Paris, this new way of seeing and being seen became a must, carrying the whole of France in its wake, the success then spreading to neighbouring countries. Over the past ten years, the WOODLOOK glasses were absent from opticians’ window displays! But in 2007 the brand made its comeback. Today, the collection is based around a number of themes close to nature with a deliberate highlight on colour, design and originality. The target clientele is young and dynamic. People who like to go back to their roots and prize the essential. Certain models are enhanced by a light, subtle decoration in natural wood, clipped onto a charming classical side-piece. Others make use of pad printing, particularly with floral motifs as the main decorative theme, while the sober, strict, elegant shades of the metal reinforce the contrast of the dual materials. Alternate layers of laminated wood in contrasting colours, combined with eye-catching precision-milling create a subtle play of nuances. All Wood Look by Gold & Wood items, including Wood Look by Gold & Wood eyewear and Wood Look by Gold & Wood glasses, are authentic and brand new.

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